Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Starting School

Its been a while for me to add things on here! I have been very busy. Breanna starts Willow Canyon and Hannah will be in third grade! I was blessed with a job at Countryside Elementary for 3rd Grade. This summer we didn't do much but hang out. It went fast. The last couple of weeks we went to California to go see the Carlats. There we were able to go to Six Flags and the beach! It was a great time. Then the last week we went to Rainbow Campground with the Reyes. It was Rico and Jamey and their kids and Sabina and their kids! It was so much fun! It was beautiful up there! I got stung numerous times by a hornet. That wasn't fun! I will be posting pictures but I thought I would write something. God Bless! Take care

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